Develop the Ultimate Mindset for Power and Success in 12 Weeks

  • JOURNEY with the man who has had it all
  • LEARN the principles to transform your life
  • BREAK negative mindsets that weigh you down
  • OVERCOME any obstacle holding you back
  • ACHIEVE success and power only dreamed before

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What is The Narco Mindset Journal?

The Narco Mindset Journal is an action-oriented 12-week journal where I take you on a journey to develop the ultimate mindset.

At the end of your 12-weeks, you will have the mindset to overcome any obstacle you face in life and business, and achieve levels of power and success you deserve and have only dreamed of before.

Why The Narco Mindset Journal?

Many ask me, "Dr. Valdes, how were you able to overcome extreme obstacles in life and business and still achieve the success you have and very few ever will?"

My answer is simple - over the years I have developed the ultimate mindset, the Narco Mindset.

The Narco Mindset is based on 12 foundational principles that can be applied to your personal, professional, and family life. Principles that transcend gender, age, culture, profession, and philosophy.

With these principles, you too will have the ultimate mindset to not only survive but to thrive in any arena of life and achieve any goal that you put your mind to.

Who is Dr. Jorge Valdes?

After growing up in extreme poverty, I had developed many negative mindsets which led me to choose a dark road full of fortunes and power as one of the most powerful drug lords of the 20th century. While glamorous, this road would be full of brokenness. It would lead me to torture in a foreign country, crashing a plane full of cocaine in the jungles of Panama, 11 years in prison, until ultimately it led me to lose my family, my power, and forfeit over $60 million dollars to the U.S. Government.

As a result of these great difficulties and painful lessons, I was forced to develop what I call the Narco Mindset. The ultimate mindset which has enabled me to not only achieve a full conversion but to return to society as a twice-convicted felon, enter the world of academia to earn my Ph.D. in record time, and with my Narco Mindset, win my family back and build a multi-million dollar business which I sold and retired all before the age of 56.

Today, as a father, husband, and college professor it is my mission in life to share these lessons so that others may be inspired to overcome their difficulties and reach their full potential. This is why I've created The Narco Mindset Journal.

With this journal, you too will have the tools you need to break through the negative mindsets which are keeping you from unlocking your potential and achieving the levels of success that you deserve.


Develop the Ultimate Mindset for Power and Success in 12 Weeks!

12 Principles to win in life and business:

Personal: A strong personal mindset is foundational for overcoming all obstacles and unleashing your potential to achieve power and success in all areas of life.

Professional: Develop the vision to not only survive but to thrive in any professional arena or stage of your career.

Family: Building the right mindset does not just benefit you, but will impact everyone in your life, especially the most precious ones in your life.

"Principles in Action" for action mindset:

DAYS: Learn and Apply a New Principle Every 7 Days

WEEKS: Journey from Start to Finish in 12 Weeks

MONTHS: Assess Your Progress Monthly

LIFE: Benefit from the Ultimate Mindset for Life

The Narco Mindset Journal:

During these 12 weeks, I will use stories from my personal journey to teach the principles that I've used to win in life and business.

Then, I will guide you in applying those principles in your personal, professional and family life until you have developed the ultimate mindset to overcome any obstacle you face while achieving the goals you've always desired!

What Others Are Saying

Freddie Brown

Product Manager

When I left home at 17, I thought I was well equipped to tackle all of life's challenges. Throughout the following years I thought I was doing well for myself. By the age of 30 I purchased my second home in a wealthy community, owned a lucrative used car dealership and held a leadership position in a Fortune 10 company.

However, it wasn't until 2005 when I met Dr. Valdes. He coached me until I discovered a much better life. He taught me to follow my passion and life purpose, and inspired me, stretched me, and developed both my IQ and EQ, and opened my mind but most importantly, Dr. Valdes never judged me.

Dr. Valdes' importance in my life cannot be overstated.

Alex V.

Startup Executive

For the past 10+ years I've had the great fortune to learn from these anecdotal lessons and their accompanying principles. Principles which have become the framework for how I deal with the variety of situations that I've encountered over and over again in my life.

They have contributed in a major way to overcoming the difficulties that I have faced and to reaching the goals that I have set for myself and my family.

I highly recommend these principles if you want to learn to overcome any challenge you face in life and reach your full potential!

Eric Yan

Princpal Consultant

Dr. Valdes has given me clarity about myself and a different set of lenses to see the world.

I am very grateful to have met you and by applying your Narco Mindset principles to my daily life. The results have been incredible!

Thanks for sharing your powerful stories and the struggles you have overcome and given me hope to pursuit all my dreams and goals that God has put in me.

God Bless.

Kay Asher

Portfolio Manager

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others. Since 2005, Dr. Valdes has been that person in my life. He has allowed me to experience things I would have never been able to experience without his love, support, and inspiration. 15 years later he is only a phone call and text away. Thanks for loving me and treating me like I was one of your own kids. I am forever grateful and thankful.

Billy Graham

Public Evangelist

“It is in connection with this special emphasis on Amsterdam 2000 that I am writing to you. As a theologian who has a known commitment to evangelism, we believe you could make a positive contribution to the Theologian Task Group. Please, therefore, consider this letter as your personal invitation from me to be part of the Task Group.”

Julio Franco

Professional Athlete

When I joined the Atlanta Braves, Frank Wren the assistant GM gave me a book by Dr. Jorge Valdes, I read the book in two days and immediately contacted him. From that day forth Dr. Valdes had been my mindset coach and helped me walk through challenges all professional athletes face.

I introduced Dr. Valdes who has been an inspiration to many professional athletes. While I lived in Atlanta I met with Dr. Valdes everyday we were at home. I can truly say that Dr. Valdes has been a tremendous influence on my life.

Beverly LaHaye

Founder & Chairwoman

On behalf of Concerned Women of America, I’d like to thank you for your participation in our 16th National Convention.

Your presentation encouraged and inspired us. Thank you for taking the time to give our members a glimpse of how God changed your life. You touched each of our hearts in a very special way.

Jack Kingston

Fmr. U.S. Congressman

“I am writing this letter to inform you that I nominated you as a participant in the National Hispanic Leadership Summit, which will be held in Washington DC on July 12-13, 2004.

This is a great way for you to have a chance to have policy – based dialogue with government leaders and other Hispanic Leaders from communities across America.”

Dr. Goizueta

College Professor

Jorge Valdés is an extraordinary individual. His life provides an inspiring example of the transforming power of God’s love."

Overcome ALL Obstacles and Learn to Not only Survive but to THRIVE!

10% of All Sales will Fund Narco Mindset Journal Donations for Those Needing a Second Chance!

A portion of EVERY sale will go directly to funding Narco Mindset Journals donation for underprivileged individuals and to those with felony arrests, desiring a second chance to change their lives.

Give yourself the gift of developing the Ultimate Mindset AND give the Ultimate Gift of changing the lives of those who need a second chance!

On behalf of the thousands who will be impacted by your contribution, THANK YOU!

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